To receive the vitality of nature

Rediscover and find yourself again

Paradise Malinalco Hotel Boutique and Lounge was created so that our guests can meet again with the small – great details of Mother Earth, rediscovering their own serenity and harmony, between nature guardians present in stones and trees, as well as symbols and power crystals located in key points of the architectonic spaces in the property.

Buildings at the Service of Our Guests

Paradise Malinalco Hotel Boutique and Lounge is made up on two properties:

  • 01 Main Lodging Area
  • 02 Anexo El Nirvana

These two properties located on the countryside of Malinalco, receive several architectural spaces built on the basis of ecotechnologies and:

  • Traditional Techniques
  • Site Materials
  • High support foundations and structures
  • Materials made in nearby communities
  • Finishes developed on the site

Main Lodging Area

Spaces for rooms, spa, recreation, hanging out, food and drinks are located on the “first property:

  • 01 Motor Lobby
  • 02 Botanical Garden
  • 03 Terraces
  • 04 Mini Pools
  • 05 Hydro Massage
  • 06 Bridge
  • 07 Master Suites Ground Floor
  • 08 Junior Suites Top Floor
  • 09 Secret Spa Top Floor
  • 10 Solarium Terrace
  • 11 The Malitzin / Café-Bar-Lounge
  • 12 La Palapa Restaurant

Anexo El Nirvana

The “second property” is a natural reserve focused for moments of individual or group introspection or for interaction activities.

  • 01 Meditadores Cabin
  • 02 El Nirvana Viewpoint
  • 03 Villa El Nirvana
  • 04 Fruit Trees
  • 05 Private Prairie

Come and take refuge among the Malinalco Mountains