An Ecosystem

A rustic modernist atmosphere in the middle of an ecological habitat, integrated through the enforcement of ecotechnologies. Spaces, environments and services, created to offer an experience of “relaxation and harmony”.

Personalized attention

More than a hotel, we welcome you to a friend´s house in Malinalco. “Let yourself be pampered.”

Serenity and Wellness

A refuge created to enable peace and tranquility, with spaces dedicated to the wellness, to get out of routine, find calm and achieve an exceptional level of relaxation.

Taste and Energy

Delight yourself on our restaurant or bar-coffee-lounge, enjoying our specialties and selections in food and beverages, with ingredients from our garden and the Malinalco region, complemented with premium products.

A relaxation experience for couples looking for a break from urban life.


Immerse yourself in the harmony of nature and the tranquility of country life, on Malinalco´s countryside.


Re-connect and find yourself again.


Plan / Escape

Rest / Relax

Internalize / Revitalize

Return to your daily activities

Malinalco Unique Microclimate

Malinalco is located in an area full of magnetism, with a privileged climate, where plants and endemic animals prevail.



The north and south winds concur in this geographical point of the American Continent, colliding one with each other to rise a unique microclimate.


Female Energy

The presence of volcanic elements, minerals, phosphates, calcium and others in these lands, cause a special vibration.


The feminine energy emanating from the nest shaped by the mountains, hugs you and welcomes you as a mother transmitting protection.


The remains of an ancient civilization confirms and always reminds us about the huge energy of this area.

The heart says that this land chose us. When we came to meet this piece of ground, the mind said that its location was appropiate in relation to the mountains and the sunrise. We asked this land and her keepers for permission, and they gave us the opportunity to work in the commitment, to take care of her and to those who come here to revitalize and experience peace.

Take a break and connect with the tranquility of nature

We take care of covering all the needs of our guests with warmth, comfort, efficiency, hygiene and security.