Sublime feeling, unspeakable impulse

To fall in love and to make someone fall in love, a virtuous circle

To love everything that surrounds us, to love all instants, to love oneself. Unconditional love, a lesson to be learned that includes not only others, but also oneself. To give others and to give oneself the freedom to exist and be happy. Falling in love as a home where you feel safe and have the space to grow. True love does not hurt, attachments do.

Adobe bricks are the protagonists of an interior which wraps you in a rustic environment, complemented by dark wooden panels which provide a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Stone mats with symbols and textures emerge from the floor, triggering visual and tactile contrasts which stimulate senses as you walk through the bedroom among elements carved in wood.

The playful and the ethereal are the guideline for the selection of objects with history that we seek / discover to embellish and suggest fictional memories to the narrative of imagination.

The spaciousness of a hygiene room where sinuosity of curves and contrasts of textures, invite you to transform daily activities such as the shower, into rituals to purify and fill yourself with energy, while contemplating the mountains view through shower window.

Located on the ground floor of the Main Chambers Building, at the level of the “Botanical Garden”.


  • Price per night in double occupancy: $ 2,850.00
  • Price per night in triple occupancy: $ 3,150.00
  • Our rates include taxes.
  • Our rates do not include tips.

Services and Amenities

Comfort, spaciousness and hygiene

  • King-size bed
  • Ceiling fan
  • Floor fan
  • Shower cabin
  • Bathroom with mountains view
  • Shower Picture Window
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Purified Water
  • Double Sofa Bed
  • Room Service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Brunch Style Country Breakfast
  • 24 hours Surveillance
  • Parking Lot


To book at Hotel Paradise Malinalco:

1. Fill in the form, indicating your dates of stay along with the complementary information and press “request reservation”.
2. Wait for an email that will arrive with the reservation request. (It may take up to 24 hrs.).
3. Payment options (credit card and bank deposit) are included in the reservation request email.
4. An email with your itinerary will arrive, confirming the reservation.
** Minimum age children: 10 years.

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